Monday, September 26, 2011

Dumbo Art Fair

Saturday afternoon was supposed to be rainy and cold. However, lucky for the residents of Brooklyn the Indian summer has held on for another week and Dumbo was humid and hot. I went to the art fair with a few friends, and not only was there plenty of art, food, and things to buy, there were also wrestlers in the style of Lucha Libre. This meant that there was a giant cage and 15 or so large men fought to be the last one standing. While wearing spandex and extremely colorful masks.
However, as it is an art fair there were also many artists who had their studios open for the weekend. My favorite was a photography exhibit in which the artist had traveled for several years throughout the Americas and lived with cowboys, documenting their way of life. The photographs were all black and white, and many were poignant portraits that looked like they were from a different age.
Of course, this is a food blog, so I will have to talk a little about the food. Of several food trucks, I decided on Schnitzel & Things. They have several options of schnitzel, including veal, cod, pork, and chicken. While not exactly traditional, I decided on a chicken schnitzel sandwich with Sriracha mayo. The sandwich wasn't bad, but I wanted more schnitzel and less bread, and the meat was a little on the bland side. This may have been because I ordered chicken. However, the side of french fries was quite delicious, particularly when you eat them standing up watching Mexican wrestling (it was a new experience).
After we had had enough art, we decided to check out Dewey's, a candy store. It reminded me of the candy stores that I used to go to in Park Rapids, MN , every summer as a kid. Jars of colorful jellies, jawbreakers, and licorice lined the walls, and they had a few kinds of old-fashioned chocolate. I opted for peach gummies, and I must say that they were some of the better ones I have had.
After seeing some excellent light projections on the Manhattan bridge, we ended the night at 68 Jay, a bar with live music and big open windows. Good beer, art, and a warm night in September -- the weekend wasn't so bad.

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